The Company Organized Visits to the Families of Overseas Employees

2022-1-25 15:18:16

On January 23, 2022, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, the company organized a visit to the homes of overseas employees in Xingtang, Ningjin, Zanhuang, Yuanshi and other places near Shijiazhuang, and sent cash and goods for use during the Spring Festival to the families of overseas employees in Henan, Gansu, Baoding, Handan and other distant areas.

Through this visit, the company expressed its gratitude and support to the families of employees, and through communication, it also made the families of employees feel that the development of employees and the development of the company are closely related to their support and understanding.

The new year has begun, let us go hand in hand. As a family, we should be of one mind and continue to uphold the core concept of "being in the same boat, strengthening the enterprise and enriching the family, sharing in harmony and sustainable development", and strive for the early realization of the company's strengthening the enterprise and enriching the family strategy!


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