The Company Has Continuously Received Letters of Commendation and Honorary Titles from Owners

2022-1-25 15:54:32

Recently, the company has continuously received letters of commendation and honorary titles from owners and general contractors, giving full recognition to the construction organization, quality control, safe and civilized construction of many projects undertaken by our company.

Among them, the Q21 Terminal Project of Ashdod Port in Israel won the "Excellent Sub-Contractor" Team Award, Li Wuyi won the "Excellent Project Manager", He Hailiang won the "SHE Management Advanced Individual", Song Yufeng won the "Excellent Quality Management Advanced Individual", Zhang Junfeng won the "Excellent Management Advanced Individual", Li Liangqi and Nie Yanke won the "Excellent Technical Operator", Liu Zongzheng won the "Excellent Electrician", Zhang Qiudong won the "Excellent Logistics", and Zhao Jie won the honorary title of "Excellent Operator".

In the construction of the pile foundation project of Baofeng Energy Group Co., Ltd. in Ningxia, Wang Xinlei, Xie Fei, Ji Jianbin and Nie Jingmin won the honorary title of "Advanced Individual" in project construction management in 2021.

The project management department of The Xi'an Metro Line 16 Project Phase 1 (Section D16-GC-TJ1) of China Railway Beijing Engineering Group Co., Ltd. praised our company's work style of providing timely and accurate monitoring data during the epidemic period and completing various monitoring work with high quality as always. The organized and disciplined work style of our company has been well praised by the relevant owners of the project.

During the monitoring process of Xuzhou Metro Line 6 (Section SGTJ6102), our company made comprehensive arrangements, took up heavy responsibilities and made full efforts to provide accurate monitoring data for the site in a timely manner, which won high recognition from the owner. At the same time, the owner expressed appreciation for our company's work spirit of serving the owner with dedication.

The project management department of Xuzhou Metro (Section SGTJ6103) of China Railway 17th Group Co., Ltd was deeply impressed by the professionalism and service awareness shown by our company in the monitoring process of this section. Our company has overcome difficulties, completed various monitoring tasks excellently, and won the praise of the owner.

In the main monitoring project of Huayang Road, Longxing Road East Extension, Longxing Road Extension and Yingxu Road East Extension of Zhengding New District Comprehensive Pipe Corridor, our company actively coordinated to solve on-site problems, made unremitting efforts to complete the on-site work in a timely manner, overcame various difficulties with tight construction period and heavy tasks, and won the unanimous approval of the owner.

The recognition of the owners is the greatest affirmation of our work, we must cherish the honor, continue to work hard, continue to carry forward the spirit of being able to endure hardships and fight in the follow-up work, and do not forget the original intention to create good results!


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