The Company Has Received Letters of Commendation from the Owners

2022-1-28 10:43:03

Huaneng Zhengning Power Plant Phase II pile foundation project belongs to the Longdong to Shandong UHVDC transmission project supporting power supply project, is the key project of longdong energy base development and construction. In the process of project construction, facing the unfavorable factors such as complex geological conditions, tight construction period and poor construction conditions at the construction site, the project department took on the difficulties and made careful deployment, reversing the passive situation of construction. In terms of management and service, we should give full play to the advantages of management and science and technology, strictly control the quality and ensure the safety of the project, which is the benchmark of all participating units. Additionally, the five staff of the project team Han Shuang, Liu Jiawei, Zhao Qingmin, An Ruihai and Zhang Weisong have played a good role in communicating among the owner, supervisors and designers with their excellent business level and profound construction experience, and have demonstrated a high degree of responsibility and excellent service awareness of our company, and have received high praise from the owner and supervisors.

Pile Foundation Project of Hebei Taihang Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. reorganization and relocation project Phase II is located in Handan City, Hebei Province. The project includes coking and electricity cogeneration, phase II power generation, coal washing plant and other ancillary facilities. During the construction period, due to the owner's construction period requirements, the area and equipment were continuously increased, and multiple cross-constructions were involved, which brought certain difficulties to the construction development and management. Through the strong support of the company, the overall arrangement of the project department and the hard work of all the staff the project was carried out successfully, no safety and quality accidents occurred during the whole construction period, and all indicators met the contract requirements, giving full play to the spirit of our company, which was recognized and praised by the owner, and received a letter of commendation from the owner, laying the foundation for more cooperation in the future.


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