Gather New Strength, Forge Ahead on A New Journey, and Deeply Feel the Xibaipo Spirit

2022-6-27 15:27:10

On June 25, the blue sky, hanging like a fireball of the sun, the clouds seemed to be burned by the sun, and disappeared without a trace. On such a day of enthusiasm, The Party branch of the underground engineering company organized all Party members in Shijiazhuang to go to Xibaipo, the holy land of revolution, and carried out a series of themed teaching activities to welcome the "July 1st" and "welcome the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, always follow the party, and strive for a new journey".

First of all, everyone came to the bronze statue of the Five Secretaries, and the big words "New China Came From Here" on the square paved with flowers were particularly eye-catching. All Party members stood solemnly, saluted the bronze statue of the Five Secretaries and reviewed the oath of joining the Party in the face of the bright red Party flag.

Walking into the Xibaipo Memorial Hall, Mao Zedong's former residence, the War Room of the Central Military Commission and the former site of the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh CPC Central Committee, in front of the pictures and cultural relics, listening to the teacher's explanation, everyone stopped to ponder, deeply memorizing the great achievements established by the old generation of proletarian revolutionaries and revolutionary predecessors during the Xibaipo period, feeling the unremitting pursuit of ideals, the infinite love for the people and the persistent loyalty to the cause of the Communists, deeply exploring the winning strategies of the Communist Party of China for its glorious victory, and deeply understanding the Xibaipo Spirit with "Two Imperatives" as the core and the "catching up" sentiment of the revolutionary leaders.

At the former site of the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee in Lijiazhuang Village, the rich exhibits of pictures, video files, text introductions and historical objects in the museum truly restore the glorious history of the birth of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, the issuance of the " May 1st slogan" by the CPC Central Committee, the preparation of the new CPPCC meeting by the democratic parties and people without party affiliation, and the discussion on the plan for the founding of the country between the old leaders of the CPC and the democratic parties. Here we learned about the historical leap of the United Front of China from strategic strategy to political system.

"Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China", a classic song that has been sung for more than half a century and still endures, has sung the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people with its soulful melody. Its creator is Cao Huoxing, who is known as the "People's Musician". At the last stop of the event, we went to the Cao Huoxing Memorial Hall in Pingshan to find out how this classic song was born.

Through this activity, all party members deeply felt the difficulties of the old generation of revolutionary party members, received a comprehensive and profound political education, ideological refinement, spiritual baptism, so that the party's creativity, cohesion, combat power greatly enhanced. At the same time, we unanimously said that we must inherit the fine tradition of the revolution, carry forward the great spirit of Xibaipo, remember the historical mission, firm ideals and beliefs, study diligently to improve ourselves, be practical and pioneering, do dedication based on our posts, and contribute our strength to the development and growth of the company! The purpose and expected effect of learning party history, understanding ideas, doing practical work and opening a new bureau were achieved.

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