The Company Held the First Half Year Work Conference of 2022 and the Third Session of the First Staff Representative Congress

2022-7-18 14:25:43

On July 16-17, the company held the first half year work conference of 2022 and the third session of the first staff representative congress.

At the meeting, the representatives listened carefully to the work report of General Manager Li Huawei entitled " Be Firm, Seek Progress in Stability, Strengthen the Foundation, Develop and Innovate, and Ensure High Quality Completion of the Annual Tasks and Targets". the financial analysis report for the first half of the year made by Director Chen Ning of the Finance Department, the report on the management of production and operation and equipment and safe production made by Director Wang Houxing of the Work Safety Department and the report on the operation of the quality management system and the work of scientific research made by Director Shang Weidong of the Technic and Quality Department, and focused on the discussion of the work report made by General Manager Li Huawei.

Through the discussion, the participants fully recognized that in 2022, with the sudden changes in the international situation and the epidemic new, we face the rapid changes in this circumstance, the heavy development tasks, the number of unprecedented risks and challenges, which is a major severe test for us. In the first half of the year, under the leadership of the company's party committee, the company's board of directors and the senior manager's management, we insisted on taking the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as our guide, adhered to the general keynote of " seeking progress with stability", actively responded to the challenges of complex environmental changes and fierce competition in the market, prevented the severe epidemic, stabilized production and operation. In the extremely difficult and complicated situation, we have achieved the milestone of "half of the time to complete more than half of the annual output value and operating income indicators", production and operation remained stable, and all the work was carried out in an orderly manner, laying a solid foundation to ensure the completion of the annual tasks, and also reinforcing our implementation of "one axis and two wings" and "three-horse-driven" business layout, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. We will strive to achieve high-quality development and strive to create greater achievements.

In the discussion, the representatives combined with the work report of General Manager Li Huawei, compared with the actual work of each department and post in the first half of the year, seriously summarized the experience, fully affirmed the achievements, identified the shortcomings, and actively proposed ideas, not only to see the achievements made, but also to see the problems and shortcomings, as well as the responsibility and mission in the face of the complex situation challenges, further unified the mind, clarified the direction, and gathered strength. We all unanimously expressed that we should unite closely around the Party Committee, the Board of Directors and the senior manager of the company, make real efforts, overcome difficulties, seek progress and advance in a stable manner, ensure the completion of the annual tasks and objectives with high quality, and make greater contributions to the creation of a new situation of high-quality transformation and development of the company.

During the meeting, the temporary shareholders' meeting and the staff representative congress were also held respectively to consider and approve the shareholder's meeting motions related to share dividends, increase of employees' wages and benefits, conversion of retirement subsidy to shares, change of natural person shareholders, etc., and to discuss and approve the revision of the "Company's Corporate Culture Manual", "the Outline of the 2019-2023 Development Plan", as well as the new round of collective wage negotiation agreements, relevant regulations and rules involving employees' vital interests. The adoption and implementation of these resolutions and motions are not only important for better leading, planning and promoting the sustainable and stable development of the enterprise, but also will further enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, improve the happiness and sense of achievement of the staff, and motivate the staff to continue to strive for the implementation of the strategy of "strengthening the enterprise and enriching the family" and building a century-old enterprise.

At the end of the meeting, Party Secretary and Chairman Han Lijun delivered an important speech, giving important instructions and putting forward specific requirements for the second half of the year, with profound understanding and focus, which are highly relevant and instructive, requiring all shareholders and representatives to study carefully and implement them thoroughly in their work.

The company calls on the staff to study and understand the spirit of this meeting and Chairman Han's speech, unify the mind to the spirit of this meeting, unify the actions to the arrangements of this meeting, strengthen the confidence, courage to move forward, and dedicate to the upcoming 20th Party Congress with excellent results!


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