Pile Foundation Construction for Conversion Project of 2X100MW Ultra-high Temperature Sub-critical Waste Heat and Gas Power Generation of Tianjin Iron Works Co., Ltd

2022-8-2 10:43:35

This project is located in Handan City, Hebei Province, invested by Tianjin Iron Works Co., Ltd, our company was responsible for the pile foundation construction of this project, a total of more than 1,360 piles with the diameter of 800mm were completed.

The construction of the project officially started on April 26, 2021 and was completed on June 18, 2021, which lasted 54 days and met the requirements of the contract period.

No groundwater was seen in this project within the survey depth, and the pile was formed by rotary drilling rigs without slurry. The thickness of the void soil at the bottom of the hole was one of the key factors affecting the quality of the pile, so we took effective preventive measures to ensure that the thickness of the void soil met the design requirements. There were empty holes about 2~4m long, therefore, effective measures were taken to strictly control the concrete overfilling height to ensure that the concrete quality and elevation of the pile top meet the design requirements.

In the construction of the project, the quality of each process was strictly controlled, and the quality inspector of each process conducted strict self-inspection, and submitted to the supervising engineer and the owner for inspection and acceptance after passing the self-inspection. The inspection results show that all processes were constructed according to the design requirements and specifications, and the construction quality was qualified. According to the inspection report, the pile bearing capacity, pullout resistance and pile integrity all met the design and specification requirements, and the foundation treatment effect reached the expectation.


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