Southern Henan Converter Substation Project won the 2022 China Power Industry Excellent Engineering Award

2022-8-2 8:53:57

Recently, China Electric Power Construction Association announced the evaluation results of 2022 China Electric Power Excellent Project, and our company won the 2022 China Electric Power Industry Excellent Project Award as the pile foundation construction company of Qinghai-Henan ±800 kV UHV DC Transmission and Supporting Project (UHV Yu Nan Converter Substation). The "China Electric Power Excellent Engineering Award" is the highest honor of engineering quality in China's electric power construction industry, and the award fully demonstrates the strong comprehensive strength of our company in the industry and establishes the good corporate image of CHCI in the electric power industry.

Zhumadian ±800 kV converter substation site is located about 27km east of Shangcai County, Zhumadian City, about 800m northeast of Dazhu Village, Cai Gou Township, Cai County, 1080m south of S331 Provincial Road, separated from S331 Provincial Road by the Black River. The "Qingyu DC" project is the first UHV channel in the world built specifically for clean energy transmission, and it is also the first UHV converter substation and transformer station in the world to be planned and constructed at the same site and monitored by the same platform. After the station is completed, it will become a hub project of 500kV power grid in southeast Henan. Entrusted by the owner, our company has undertaken the construction of all the piling works in the 500kV distribution device area (including 500kV AC and AC filtering area) and maintenance spare parts area of the project.

During the construction of the project, our company has strictly controlled the quality, safety, cost and progress of the project, successfully completed the construction task and won the unanimous praise of the owner and the supervisory department. The company will cherish the honor, make further efforts, firmly establish the value orientation of quality first, strongly carry forward the craftsmanship spirit of pursuing excellence and forging classics, develop and innovate, forge ahead, carry out the concept of learning excellence, evaluating excellence and creating excellence into the actual work, strive to build more and better excellent projects, high-quality projects and model projects, and make greater contributions to promote the company's engineering construction!

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