Pile Foundation of CHN Energy Group Hunan Yueyang Power Plant 2×1000MW New Construction Project, Section A

2022-8-8 10:58:41

The project is located in Huarong County, Yueyang City, invested by CHN Energy Group Yueyang Power Generation Co.,Ltd. Our company was responsible for the construction of bored piles and CFG piles (with C20 plain concrete) in this project, and finally completed more than 1900 bored piles and more than 1600 CFG piles.

This project is a key project in Hunan Province. Since our company undertook the pile foundation construction section A of this project, leaders at all levels attached great importance to it, formed a competent project management team, overcame the difficulties such as the COVID-19 epidemic and tight schedule and heavy tasks, worked hard day and night and overtime, and with the strong support and help from the owner and the supervisor, all staff of the project department united as one, carefully planned and reasonably arranged, overcame all difficulties, ensured safety and quality, and completed the project. The construction was started on September 22, 2021 and completed on December 31, 2021, taking 101 days.

The main items of the project are all qualified, and the general items meet the specification requirements. The pile foundations of this project are tested to be 100% qualified, among which, 1% of the piles with design grade A are tested with static load, 10% are tested with acoustic wave and another 20% are tested with low strain. 5% of the piles with design grade B are tested with high strain and 30% are tested with low strain. CFG piles are tested with composite foundation bearing capacity by composite foundation load test and single pile static load test, the number of piles tested is not less than 1%, and 10% of the piles are tested with low strain, and the test results meet the design requirements.


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