Foundation Pit Support and Pile Foundation Construction of Lot 42 of Zhihui City Project in Xiong'an

2022-8-8 10:59:44

The project is located in Xiong'an New Area, invested by Hebei Xiong'an Zhihui City Construction Development Co., Ltd of Power Construction Corporation of China, our company was responsible for the construction of foundation support and pile foundation of this project, and completed about 3,340 m² of sprayed concrete surface, about 3,900 m of soil nailing wall, about 7,000 m of anchor cables, about 740 m of middle beam, about 480 m of water retaining wall, and more than 150 bored piles with diameter of 0.8 m.

The project started on October 25, 2021, and the construction was completed on June 15, 2022, with a construction period of 321 calendar days. This project has a tight schedule, a large volume of work, a special geographical location, and the construction of anchors in many places is affected by the pipe corridor, which is not easy to construct. The groundwater level is shallow and the ground is soft. There are many cross-operations and interfering factors at each work surface, and the excavation, pit support and foundation treatment are carried out simultaneously, which requires higher construction organization from us. The project department personnel actively communicate and coordinate with the general contractor, designers, supervisors and other departments on site, carefully organize, reasonably arrange. On the basis of ensuring the quality and safety of the project, we use wet spraying machine for spraying concrete surface, and adopt quick-insertion guide block for pile reinforcement cage, which greatly accelerates the construction efficiency.

The main items of the project pit are all qualified, and the general items meet the specification requirements. The piles' hole depth, hole diameter, verticality, thickness of slag before filling, cage diameter, cage length, welding quality and other indicators have all been accepted by the quality inspection engineer of the general contractor and the supervising engineer, and the passing rate reached 100%. More than 70 piles were tested with low strain, more than 10 piles were tested with ultrasonic, and 3 piles were tested with static load, all of which were qualified. 

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