Water Resources Argumentation for the Project of Updating Water Source Wells in Huailai County Zhuguantun Water Resource Area

2022-8-22 11:05:08

The project is located in Huailai County, Zhangjiakou City, the objective of this argumentation of water supply is the residents' living and public water of Huailai County urban area and Yanshan Culture New Town, the water source is Zhuguantun water source in Dahuanzhuang Town, the water source is the quaternary groundwater, the existing water supply permit is 4.3 million m³/a. In order to realize the integration of urban water supply system and surrounding village water supply, completely solve the residents' living water problem, the total water demand in 2025 will reach 7.5 million m³/a.

Commissioned by the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Huailai County, our company conducted a review hydrogeological mapping of 376k㎡, pumping test, water quality analysis, as well as urban population survey, water withdrawal and return research, groundwater dynamic observation, data collection and other work, and obtained a lot of actual measurement information. The project started on May 6, 2022 and was completed on August 3, which took 60 days.

As the Zhuguantun water source is located in the Zhuohuai Basin on the north bank within the first terrace of the Yangtze River, the shallow water quality is unstable, the study of deep water is limited, and the hydrogeological conditions are complex. Based on national and local regulations, policies, and planning, the reasonableness of updating the existing water source wells, the guaranteed level of water withdrawal, the reasonableness of project water use, and the water saving potential of the project are fully demonstrated, and scientific, objective, and fair conclusions are given to provide a reliable technical basis for the management of water supply permits for construction projects.

The project water resources argumentation report passed the expert review organized by the provincial water resources department, the experts agreed that the report evaluation method is correct, the argumentation is well documented, the conclusion is clear, and the experts and the owner were affirmed.


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