CFG Piles Construction for Ore Pile Shed Belt Gallery

2022-8-22 11:08:54

The project is located in Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province, invested by Shanxi Xinfa Chemical Co., Limited., our company was responsible for the pile foundation construction of this project, a total of 115 piles were completed, including a total of 54 piles with a diameter of 600mm and 61 piles with a diameter of 500mm.

The construction of this project started on September 5, 2021 and was completed on October 8, 2021, which lasted 33 days and met the owner's requirements for the construction period.

The project has many construction processes and many cross-construction caused by the simultaneous construction of each process. The project personnel reasonably planned the general construction layout and divided the functional partitions according to the pile layout and construction sequence during construction. At the same time, combined with the pile construction process, separate construction management personnel were set up for the construction of piles, and the operation time of each process was reasonably planned according to the site plan layout and zoning management, thus forming parallel flowing construction between each process and improving the project implementation progress. All processes are carried out according to the design requirements and specifications, and the pile length, pile diameter and pile position deviation meet the specification requirements, and the foundation treatment effect has achieved the expectation. 

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