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The Hebei Research Institute of Construction & Geotechnical Investigation Co., Ltd. (CHCI) was founded in 1953. It has now developed into a major geotechnical engineering company in China that provides engineering services in construction& management, geotechnical investigation, surveying and mapping, design, research & development, and machinery manufacture.


CHCI currently has 651 employees, of which 449 are professional and technical personnel, including one national geotechnical investigation master, three Hebei geotechnical investigation masters, 29 employees with senior professional qualification, 93 with associate senior professional qualification, 202 with intermediate professional qualification, and 125 personnel with primary professional qualification. The Company has 257 nationally-registered professional civil engineers (geotechnical engineer), architecture engineers, structural engineers, construction engineers, cost engineers,surveyors, supervisor, safety engineers, and accountants. The company invested 497 million Chinese yuan (approximately $78.8 million)in equipment, including various auger drilling rigs, sonic drilling rigs, deep well drilling rigs, construction machinery for super-large diameter pile foundation and large diameter engineering shafts (φ2.0m~φ10.0m), cranes, concrete mixing and transportation equipment, as well as advanced instruments and devices for building materials testing, soil testing, in-situ testing, engineering survey, engineering testing and monitoring, and engineering geophysics (1,853 items in total).


In the past three years, CHCI has completed over 340 engineering projects every year. Many of the projects are key projects of national and provincial governments, as well as local landmark construction projects with anannual value of 2.019 billion yuan.Known for providing excellent, efficient and satisfactory services, CHCI has served clients in 29 provinces throughout China as well as overseas markets in UAE, Israel, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.


Innovation has long been the driver for entrepreneurial development at CHCI. The company strives to promote innovations in management and technologies, to lead enterprise transformation and system establishment in the national investigation and design industry, and to carry out modern enterprise management and operation. To achieve the development of geotechnical engineering technology system with CHCI feature, the Company is actively engaged in research on new technology, new process and new methods, and developed core technologies in the competence area ofgeotechnical engineering investigation, hydrogeological investigation, water resources assessment, foundation treatment, prevention and control of engineering geological hazards, cast-in-situ bored pile with super-large diameter, cast-in-situ rotary drilled pile and cast-in-situ rotary drilled pile with post grouting, engineering well with large diameter, and underground space development and utilization technology.


CHCI always aims to meet customer expectations, provide good career opportunities for employees, yield revenues for stakeholders, and give back to the community. CHCI always sticks to its people-oriented and market-oriented principles and focus on regulations and R&D, doing our utmost to provide our clients with quality services.


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